Thursday, September 3, 2009

MLAS is growing so much...

...that we're bursting at the seams! You may have noticed that the site went down today. We've grown so much that we outgrew our old server and we're being transferred to our own dedicated server. Woo hoo!

As Carolyn, one of the MLAS owners, put it, "We're really excited about the transfer, we're just sorry that it happened unexpectedly and we couldn't give anyone any warning. We're anticipating 48 hours of down time, but these things are time consuming and it's possible it could take longer, so please be patient.  We're REALLY sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate you're understanding while we continue to grow."

So there's the scoop. Be sure to check back for more info...and I might even be back with a freebie to help keep you busy scrapping while we wait for the site to get back up and running. :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa! You have a very nice Blog! Many thanks for the Freebie! Many greetings from Germany

artful pioneer said...

GREAT Lo and template!!
I can hardly wait for us to come online!! Check out my blog for an encouraging word- I hope! :)
Miss you!