Friday, October 10, 2008

Jessica announced her newest class!

A lot of you who actually read my occasional blog posts will already know about this, I'm sure, but just in case there are one or two of you who missed it, Jessica Sprague announced a new upcoming class, and it's free! So be sure to go check it out! If I did this right, you should be able to click on the image below to go to her web site. And if not, just go to for the details. All of Jessica's classes are fabulous, and I'm sure that this one will be no exception. Can't wait!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A new mini kit

This week I made a mini kit called Little Sweetie for the Teacher’s Pet Challenge over at Funky Playground Designs. Enjoy! (Be sure to leave a little love if you download it. Thanks!)

Little Sweetie Mini Kit

Little Sweetie Mini Kit

Friday, August 8, 2008

Backyard Explorers freebie

Well, I didn't make "the cut" from more than 100 participants down to 50 after week 1 of the Teacher's Pet challenge over at Funky Playground Designs, but everyone that's participating gets to keep playing along as long as we keep up with the weekly assignments. How cool is that? So as they narrow down the field in search of a designer or designers to join their FPD team, the rest of us get to keep learning (and posting our freebies)!

For week 2 we had to hone our extraction skills and submit a realistic element pack made using items we had extracted from scans and/or photographs. So if you click on the link below, it will take you to the page where you can download my element pack "Backyard Explorers." It will be available to download until 9 a.m. EST Monday, August 11, 2008.

Backyard Explorers
Backyard Explorers

Friday, August 1, 2008

Relaunching My Blog ;)

Well, it’s time to re-launch my blog! Between life and a hard drive crash a couple months ago, my blog kept ending up on the bottom of the to-do list. I’ll try to do better. Promise. But that’s why you’ve subscribed to my blog, right? So you will get an email any time I finally have a new post. :) And consider this your reminder to go back up everything ASAP. Please. Back up!

My latest challenge has been designing a mini kit for the Funky Playground Designs Teachers Pet design contest. Who'd have thought a year ago when I started digi scrapping that I'd ever do something like this? Not me.

My kit is called “Memories”. The link will take you directly to the page over at FPD where you will find the info about downloading my kit. (You do have to sign up for the FPD newsletter to get the password for the zipped file though.)

And you can see all of the free mini kits here. Just scroll down and click on the Teacher's Pets category. There's also a gallery where people can post layouts made with the Teachers Pet kits. If you make a layout with my kit, please link me up! I’d love to see it!

Memories Mini Kit

Memories Mini Kit

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Well, today's the day...

Today's the day that I finally "reveal" my blog to the world. :) I never thought I would want to do a blog, but here I am. I finally caved. Although I'm going to tell you right up front, you won't find much personal stuff here. This is primarily going to be a place for me to share some digi freebies that I create. I’m not sure how often I will be posting freebies…I’d like to post at least once a week. But knowing how life can go, it may only be a couple times a month. So be sure to go over and subscribe to my blog. That way you’ll never miss a freebie, and you won’t have to keep coming back here wondering, “When is she ever going to get around to posting a new freebie?!” And hey, go ahead and grab the blinkie I made, too, while you’re at it. :)

I started digi scrapping in June 2007. Didn't mean to do it...we only got PSE 5 because it came bundled with Adobe Premiere Elements for doing video stuff. So I started playing around with PSE. Googling for tutorials led me to Designer Digitals where I found Jessica Sprague's First Layout Tutorial for Photoshop Elements, and I was able to create my first digi layout! Then I discovered Jessica's web site, and life hasn't been the same since! I took her Up & Running with PSE class in August 2007, Now We're Rockin' with PSE class in October 2007, and now I'm anxiously waiting for next week to get here so I can start her Digi: In Deep class on Monday!

So in honor of my blog's "Grand Opening" I have three free templates to share with you. (Some of my friends from over at the Jessica Sprague message board have already seen the first two.) And yes, these are pretty simple, straightforward templates. There’s plenty of room to add to them and embellish to your heart’s delight. But the way I figure, if a template saves me even 5-10 minutes, that’s 5-10 minutes more for me to spend scrapping! :) So grab ‘em if you’d like. If you do use them, I’d love to see any layouts you make with them. Link me up to where you have your layout(s) posted! Who knows, maybe I’ll post a few reader layouts here on my blog.

You’ll notice that although there are three templates today, there are six previews (two versions for each template). That’s because I can’t decide which preview I like the best. So take a look…do you like Preview 1 (on the left) or Preview 2 (on the right) the best? Be sure to post a comment and let me know. I’m going to tally the votes to help me decide which way to do my previews in the future.

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I hope you’ll stop back sometime.

(The links are below the previews.)
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Two Hearts Template

Heart on Grid Template

Template Freebie 3