Friday, September 25, 2009

Speed Scrap tonight at MLAS!

We're celebrating all weekend over at My Life and Scrap now that the site is back up and better than ever!

It's almost time for tonight's speed scrap (9/25 @ 7:00 p.m. EST). The posting prize is by me, so go on over and win it before you can buy it. It will be in my store soon!

Plus there are more speed scraps this weekend, too:

Saturday, 9/26 @ 11 a.m. EST
Saturday, 9/26 @ 9 p.m. EST
Sunday, 9/27 @ 4 p.m. EST

And we're playing Bingo on Saturday, 9/26 at 3 p.m. EST.

Head on over for some fun!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I actually made some time to scrap!

I actually made some time to scrap using my Template #6 (scroll down to the previous post) and this amazing new collaboration between MKC and the Hybrid Kid. It's available starting today over at The Digichick.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

MLAS update, challenge details & a freebie

Everyone is still working like mad behind the scenes to get My Life and Scrap back up and running. We've hit a few snags due to it being Labor Day weekend, so it's taking a little longer than we initially anticipated. But look out! When we come back up it will be EXCITING! You won't want to miss it! So stay tuned!

In the meantime, I don't want you to forget about working on the Mystery Lift Challenge. I know you will all be flooding the gallery with your Mystery Lift layouts in a few days when MLAS comes back up. (Scroll down to the post from September 2, 2009 for more info.) Here are the details about the September 1-15, 2009 Mystery Lift Challenge so you can be working on it over the next few days:


* 1 neutral (solid, texturized) background paper

* 1 horizontal photo (Duplicate it two times and close the original.)

* Enlarge the first copy of your photo so that it covers the entire layout.

* Place the photo over your background paper.

* Play with the blending modes of the photo layer to blend the photo with the background paper until you achieve a look that you like (the "soft light" and "overlay" blending modes are often a good place to start, but don't be afraid to play!)

* Resize the second copy of your photo to 4x6 (horizontal).

* Put the 4x6 photo near the lower right corner of the layout.

* Tilt the photo slightly (left side down, right side up so it's not sitting perfectly horizontal).

* Put a frame around the photo.

* Add some elements, ribbons, ric rac peeking out from behind the photo and frame.

* Attach one element to the upper right corner of the photo.

* Attach two elements to the lower left corner of the photo.

* Then place a tag over those two elements. (One should be peeking out from above the tag, and one should be peeking out from below the tag.)

* Put your title on the tag.

* Begin your journaling in the upper right corner of the layout (2-3 inches from the edge) and continue down the side of the page, stopping slightly above the photo & frame. (The journaling is a 2-3 inch wide column of text, right-justified.)

* Don't forget to add the drop shadows!

And now that you've completed your MLAS Mystery Lift Challenge, you've earned a little gift! :) ***SORRY, LINK EXPIRED.***

I created a template for you to use to help pass the time while we wait for the site to come back up. Be sure to grab the template now because it will only be available as a freebie for a limited time. Then it will be going into my store. (***SORRY, LINK EXPIRED.***) Please leave me some love if you download the template, and of course come back and link me up to any layouts you create with it so I can see what you've done!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

MLAS is growing so much...

...that we're bursting at the seams! You may have noticed that the site went down today. We've grown so much that we outgrew our old server and we're being transferred to our own dedicated server. Woo hoo!

As Carolyn, one of the MLAS owners, put it, "We're really excited about the transfer, we're just sorry that it happened unexpectedly and we couldn't give anyone any warning. We're anticipating 48 hours of down time, but these things are time consuming and it's possible it could take longer, so please be patient.  We're REALLY sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate you're understanding while we continue to grow."

So there's the scoop. Be sure to check back for more info...and I might even be back with a freebie to help keep you busy scrapping while we wait for the site to get back up and running. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Contest winners, & new MLAS challenges

I'd like to start by saying a special thank you to KajunKJ, zeee and miss_mom for playing along in my August blog contest. KajunKJ was the winner of the $5 coupon to my store. And just 'cause I'm such a softie, zeee and miss_mom will also receive a little something from me as a thank you. :)

The new challenges for September 1-15, 2009 are up over at My Life and Scrap. Of course, I'm partial to the Mystery Lift Challenge, LOL, but they are all a lot of fun!

We have an extra special incentive attached to the Mystery Lift Challenge this time around. Linda (MLAS co-owner/site manager) has said that if we get at least 30 mystery lift layouts posted in this thread by September 15, 2009, she will walk up and down HWY 27 in Davenport, FL with a sandwich board that says and wave at the traffic while her DH takes photos!

I know I'd love to see those photos! How about you?!

So c'mon! Let's get going on those Mystery Lift Challenge layouts!